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British Airways Partners with Signcode UK to Provide Enhanced Services



British Airways has collaborated with Signcode UK to enhance services for passengers with hearing impairments. The airline has introduced new signed video content that provides helpful travel information, accessible to customers both before their journey and during the flight.

Signcode UK plays a crucial role in ensuring equal access to information, products, and services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Specialising in translating key information into signed videos, including British Sign Language, the organisation has partnered with BA to create videos accessible through either a link or a unique QR code.

The initial video, available on, presents a comprehensive overview of British Airways’ services from booking, the airport experience, onboard services, to in-flight entertainment. It features a BSL introduction from Fredrick Da Costa, British Airways’ first deaf customer experience agent.

Anticipated by the end of 2023, a second video will focus on onboard safety features and procedures. This video will be accessible on and through a QR code carried by British Airways Mainline cabin crew on their mobile devices during flights.

The videos are available in both British Sign Language (BSL) and American Sign Language (ASL), with potential plans to expand into other languages such as Spanish. In addition to the Signcode UK collaboration, British Airways supports customers who are deaf or hard of hearing through a minicom system.

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