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Cars submerged as extremely high tide causes severe flooding in Malahide



Parts of Malahide experienced significant flooding today following heavy rainfall.

everal cars were submerged in water and stranded at Bissett’s Strand after a high tide left the area flooded.

Some roads were impassable due to flooding while some drivers cautiously made their way through low levels of water.

Footage from the area shows residents attempting to retrieve the floating bins while others try to move cars out of the worst of the flooding.

Earlier today, Fingal County council issued a yellow warning and urged the public to avoid the area around the Malahide Estuary.

The council warned members of the public to not attempt to drive through areas flooded by water.

Warning signs are in place around the area and the public are being urged to move their cars.

Met Éireann had forecast heavy downpours today along with isolated thunderstorms and strong winds.

The tide was at its highest this afternoon at 1pm after reaching 4.13 metres.

The local authority said it expects the tide to return to normal this afternoon ahead of the weekend.

“We are working on the basis of it being back to a more normal level for the weekend. If that outlook changes we’ll send out an alert via our social channels,” said Fingal County Council.

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