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Census 2022: 750,000 people working from home in Ireland



Around 750,000 people in Ireland were working from home at least one day a week last year, according to new figures from the Census.

The number of people who work predominantly from home has increased by 173% since 2016, according to the figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) today.

Dublin City has experienced the highest growth in home workers, with people who were working from home up 587.6% on the previous census.

The regions with the highest growth in number of workers working from home between 2022 and 2016 were:

  • Dublin City: 587.6%
  • South Dublin: 584.1%
  • Fingal: 470.2%
  • Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown: 400.2%
  • Galway City: 364%

Monaghan experienced the least growth in home workers (26.2%), followed by Tipperary (38.2%) and Cavan (45.6%).

Meanwhile, the number of people commuting to work, school or college has increased by 8% since 2016.

Some 3.2m people who are now facing a commute had an average travel time of 29.1 minutes to reach their destination in 2022.

People from Meath are facing the longest average commute at 35.2 minutes.

They are followed be several other commuter belt counties:

  1. Meath: 35.2 minutes
  2. Kildare: 34 minutes
  3. Wicklow: 33.9 minutes
  4. Fingal: 33.7 minutes
  5. Laois: 32.3 minutes

Galway City residents had the lowest travel time to work at 22.6 minutes, followed by their neighbours in Sligo (23.4 minutes) and then Donegal (23.6).


The census also notes that unemployment fell 8% in the six years leading up to 2022.

In Donegal, 10.6% of people were without a job on census night, the highest figure nationally.

Meanwhile, that figure was lowest in Cork at 5.6%.

Language was also a contributing factor in finding a job, with 22% of non-English speakers unemployed on Census Night.

Among those without Irish citizenship who are living in the country, African nationals had the highest rate of unemployment (36%) while German nationals ranked lowest (5.5%).

Main image: Close-up of a woman typing at a laptop working from home. Picture by: Tony Tallec / Alamy Stock Photo

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