Thursday, May 30, 2024

Datapac launches Pathways Inclusion initiative to widen tech talent pool – techbuzzireland

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Datapac, Ireland’s leading technology solutions and services provider, is today announcing the launch of Pathways Inclusion, a new initiative which aims to expand access to technology careers through diversity and inclusion.

With the Pathways Inclusion initiative, Datapac plans to widen the talent pool within the technology industry by targeting largely untapped talent groups. These include career-changers with transferrable skills and rich work experiences, and those seeking direct entry into the workforce after secondary education. The initiative will also encourage more women and young girls to consider careers in technology. With a focus on collaboration rather than competition, Datapac aims to create a more inclusive environment within the indigenous IT industry in Ireland. This new initiative builds on Datapac’s successful work and graduate placement programmes, which have taken on over 220 candidates in the last 18 years.

Pathways Inclusion will seek to reach, empower, and support individuals throughout all the stages of their education.

  • Primary school: Much of the inequality in the technology sector, particularly the gender gap which is still prevalent, can be traced back to the very root of education. Datapac recognises the importance of early education in shaping perceptions and aspirations and will collaborate with key organisations to promote a more inclusive narrative about to children from a young age, helping to broaden their horizons for what’s possible during their life trajectory.
  • Secondary school: Mentorship and exposure to lived examples during the formative secondary school years can have a significant impact on career choices. Datapac, in partnership with Maynooth University, will participate in the STEM Passport programme from September 2024 to provide mentorship to Transition Year girls, encouraging their pursuit of STEM careers and culminating in a level 6 STEM qualification. Additionally, Datapac is embarking on roadshows at local secondary schools to inspire students by sharing first-hand experiences
  • Third level: Datapac’s third-level work placement programme offers students diverse, real-world experiences within the tech sector, exposing them to various roles and opportunities for growth
  • Post-graduation: The Graduate Development Programme at Datapac provides tailored career experiences and mentorship to graduates from a broad array of disciplines, equipping them with industry-recognised certifications and skills necessary to excel in the tech sector

Datapac, in close collaboration with its talent acquisition partner Intellect Talent, employs inclusive hiring practices to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds, focusing on transferrable skills and potential for growth over traditional qualifications.

Datapac employees benefit from a range of support systems designed to enhance their professional skills and personal growth. These include an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), continuous learning and upskilling opportunities, and a Community Contribution Initiative which encourages employees to engage with and contribute to charitable causes, supported by additional leave for volunteering. They can also avail of flexible working and a range of initiatives aimed at promoting work-life balance.

Karen O’Connor, General Manager, Datapac: “At Datapac, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for driving innovation and success in the technology sector. The modern technology landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, but a significant portion of the talent pool remains untapped due to outdated barriers to entry. To help address this inequality and evolve the narrative, Datapac is launching the Pathways Inclusion initiative as a movement towards greater industry-wide inclusivity.

Bronagh Murphy, HR Generalist, Datapac: “This goes beyond merely attracting talent at the recruitment stage and looks to how individuals can be supported once they enter the industry, and through an investment in the root of the talent tree. Through our Pathways Inclusion initiative, we are committed to creating opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to thrive in the industry and, in turn, create a vibrant and diverse technology talent pool in Ireland.”

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