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Davina McCall Talks About Divorce At Menopause Summit



The menopause summit got underway today in the capital with two strong women at the helm. Our own Grainne Seoige and the one and only Davina McCall.

Taking place at the Mansion House in Dublin, women made their way in to learn more about a significant part of their life, something that will hit us all.

The summit is the first of its kind here in Ireland and is hoping to give hope as well as guidance to women out there when it comes to the big ‘M’.

While speaking to the crowd, the UK presenter tried to reinforce confidence in women about this period of her life but also spoke about the breakdown of her marriage.

TV presenters Grainne Seoige and Davina McCall pictured at the National Menopause Summit, Featuring leading advocates, clinicians Pic: Marc O’Sullivan

The girls did not hold back when it came to talking about all things menopause related. From myths and taboos to treatments, they both opened up about what works and what not to do.

During the chat on stage between the girls, Davina mentioned her divorce from her husband Matthew Robertson in 2017.

Speaking to the crowd she said: ‘Menopause feels like the end of something, the death of something, the death of child bearing, the death of youth but actually the second spring is freedom, where you don’t feel the guilt anymore.’

She admitted that when menopause hit her, she was going through her divorce which she highlighted can happen to many women.

TV presenter Davina McCall National Menopause Summit Grainne Seoige
TV presenter Davina McCall pictured at the National Menopause Summit, Featuring leading advocates, clinicians, facilitators and professionals in the area of menopause and perimenopause, the inaugural sold out National Menopause Summit supported by M&S took place today in The Round Room at The Mansion House in Dublin City. Pic: Marc O’Sullivan

Instead of looking at the negative she tried to encourage women that while this can be a difficult time, with your body changing as well as your surroundings, it’s also a time of rebirth.

She said: ‘It is a time when divorce happens and there may be many reasons for that and that’s when mine happened. And I would have been a very happy woman on my own…but I have met a really nice guy…

‘This is a time of being reborn and there are so many ways you can be reborn.’

Davina was married to her ex-husband Matthew Robertson for 17 years and they split five years ago. She’s now dating her new man Michael Douglas and they recently moved in together.

Davina McCall and boyfriend Michael Douglas
Davina McCall (L) and Michael Douglas attend the launch of Nick Grimshaw’s book ‘Soft Lad’ at NoMad London on October 27, 2022 in London, England. Pic: Getty

The presenter said on her podcast Making The Cut: ‘It’s quite nice making new traditions because we did that before Christmas, we sat down together and talked about it: ”Ok, blank space, what shall we make tradition from now on?”

Davina has always been a strong advocate for perimenopause and menopause, and this summit, which will hopefully be held each year, will educate, and bring light on a subject that can often be taboo in this country.

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