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Dublin Sex Toy Show ‘is just a bit of fun’ | Newstalk



The organiser of a sex toy show in Dublin has said it is just a bit of fun, and will suit people on all budgets.

The two-hour show will feature displays, demos, performances and giveaways.

Holistic sex educator Jenny Keane said people can easily get lost in choice as the industry is so large.

She told Moncrieff the show has something for everyone.

“There are performances, it’s basically talking about what the best sex toys are on the market,” she said.

“How to use them, how to introduce them into the bedroom, if that’s something that you’re looking to do.

“What we do then is add in performances and demos.

“We took on a burlesque dancer who came on and taught striptease, last year we did lapdancing.

“The year before we had a dominatrix come on and teach simple bondage techniques.

“So, it’s a real wide variety of entertainment and really what it is is just a bit of fun”.

Jenny Keane Sex Education in Vicar Street, Dublin on 2-4-23. Image: Ruth Medjber @ruthlessimagery

Ms Keane said people can feel overwhelmed at the choices out there.

“People have different budgets and whatnot when it comes to their lifestyle,” she said.

“An awful lot of people can’t afford to go out and buy a sex toy for €200.

“When you’re in a kind of a world where you might want to experience pleasure or experience different types of pleasure… sometimes when the market is flooded with so many toys and so many options it’s often hard to know where to turn.

“Often times there’s a lot of trial and error involved, which means you’re spending an awful lot of money in order to find what fits you.”

‘Quiet and silent vibrators’

Ms Keane said there are also options based on noise level.

“Battery-operated toys tend to be on the quieter side; when it comes to rechargeable toys it totally depends,” she said.

“There are some brands that really market for quiet and silent vibrators, for example.

“Sometimes you’re going to find, again with some of the cheaper toys, it doesn’t have the technology to be as quiet.

“So it just depends on what suits you in your lifestyle.

“If you’re living alone or living with a partner that might not be a problem; if you have kids or if you’re living with your parents, then this is something to consider.

“There are ways around that as well which will cost no money – which is turn the music on really loud, put a lock on the door.”

Best brands

Ms Keane has these recommendations for people looking to spice things up.

“Some of the big brand leaders would be Lelo… this would be one of the high-end brands,” she said.

“The prices tend to be up there with the €200 mark.

“Then you’d have a brand like Satisfyer, and I always say if there’s something that you like in Lelo and it doesn’t fit your budget, go and look at Satisfyer.

“It’s a really great brand for really incredible, durable products but at a much lower price range.

“Then there’s a whole host of brands in-between.

“The sex toy industry is huge; there are so many brands, there are so many different types of toys.

“I think it’s very easy to get lost,” she added.

The live online show starts at 8pm on Thursday 23rd November. Tickets can be found here

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Main image: Holistic sex educator Jenny Keane speaking to Sean Moncrieff in Newstalk studios. Image: Newstalk

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