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Dublin’s Active Travel Network: Finglas Village Improvement Scheme Transforms Sustainable Mobility



A new era of sustainable mobility is on the horizon for Dublin, as the city council announces its Finglas Village Improvement Scheme, a key component of its ambitious Active Travel Network initiative. This pivotal project, unveiled on February 12, 2024, aims to significantly enhance walking, cycling, and public transport facilities within Finglas Village along Seamus Ennis Road.

The Active Travel Network: A Vision for a Greener Dublin

The Active Travel Network is the city council’s answer to the growing need for improved access, connectivity, and sustainable transportation options. Currently spanning just 10km, the network is set to expand exponentially, reaching an impressive 310km across Dublin. This development will not only promote a greener, more environmentally-friendly city but also reduce carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more pleasant urban environment.

The Finglas Village Improvement Scheme: Transforming Mobility in the Heart of Dublin

At the heart of this transformative initiative lies the Finglas Village Improvement Scheme, which promises to overhaul the current infrastructure along Seamus Ennis Road. The proposed upgrades include:

  • New pavements to ensure safe and comfortable walking conditions
  • Seating for moments of rest and relaxation
  • Signalized pedestrian and cycle crossings to prioritize the safety of vulnerable road users
  • Soft landscaping to create a more appealing and inviting urban space
  • Upgraded bus stops to provide modern and convenient facilities for public transport users

Public Engagement: Shaping Dublin’s Future Together

In a commendable effort to involve the community in this important project, Dublin City Council is actively seeking public input on the Finglas Village Improvement Scheme. From February 12 to March 15, 2024, residents are encouraged to view the project proposals and share their thoughts and suggestions via writing or online submissions. A public information day will also be held, offering community members the opportunity to meet the design team and engage in an open dialogue about the future of mobility in Finglas Village.

As Dublin embarks on this exciting journey towards a greener, more connected city, the Finglas Village Improvement Scheme stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. By working together, residents, city officials, and urban planners can create a sustainable and vibrant future for all who call Dublin home.

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