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Eight New Dublin Bus Routes



The National Transport Authority’s BusConnects plan, which aims to enhance bus service in Irish cities, includes additional lines.

TFI claims that the new lines will offer more capacity and more frequent service, particularly on the weekends and the night.

The nighttime economy will be supported, and shift workers will get assistance through the introduction of more 24-hour services. Important links within local regions will be made possible in the meantime via new local routes. Peak services will add more capacity during the periods when travel demand is highest.

Bus riders should be notified that existing routes 18, 17/d, 61, 75/a, 76/a, and 175 will close on November 26 while the new routes are being implemented.

Next Monday, eight new bus routes will be introduced around Dublin.

During peak hours, buses S and W are anticipated to operate regularly, every 10 to 20 minutes, and on weekends, the S8 will run every 30 minutes.

On weekdays, the L55 will run hourly, and the L25 every fifteen minutes. Weekdays and weekends will see the 74-route run every thirty minutes.

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