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Gardaí Dealing With 22,000 Hours Of Footage From Dublin Riots |



Gardaí are dealing with 22,000 hours of footage from the Dublin riots, as the Garda commissioner warns of the heavy digital workload on officers.

Drew Harris will tell an Oireachtas committee today, that will discuss facial recognition technology, that manual processing is becoming unfeasible and ineffective according to the Irish Times.

He will tell politicians that every major criminal investigation now involves processing digital evidence, with upwards of 50,000 hours of footage in individual murder cases.

But Olga Cronin from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties says the tech is discriminatory and shouldn’t be introduced into Irish policing;

“Research has shown again and again that it has inherent age, gender and racial biases. It does not work as well on people who are not white men, middle aged white men basically.”

She says there have been cases of misidentification of people elsewhere, with people wrongfully arrested and incarcerated.

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