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Sir, – Several contributors to your letters page question the Dublin City Council and National Transport Authority Transport plan for Dublin.

Joe Roe (February 10th) asks if disabled drivers have been considered. The plan does not prohibit cars from accessing the city centre. It discourages through-traffic which does not need to be in the city. By eliminating a large number of unnecessary cars on the streets, getting around will be far easier for disabled drivers, public transport, and local people.

These benefits will be further enhanced if non-disabled drivers can be encouraged to switch to walking or cycling when possible.

Susan Whately (February 10th) asks why an open-air plaza at the Custom House is proposed, given Dublin’s wet climate and traffic congestion. The plan aims to reduce traffic volume in the city, which will allow remaining traffic to take the very easy detour around the Custom House via Beresford Place. Other open-air spaces in Dublin are much enjoyed (St Stephen’s Green, Grafton Street, Wolfe Tone Square), so I would expect a south-facing public space in front of the magnificent Custom House to be a pleasure to use. It is unclear on what basis Ms Whately states that “nobody wants this”. Some 80 per cent of respondents to Dublin City Council’s public consultation want it, councillors from all parties and none want it, and for my part I want it, and I think it’s long overdue. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 8.

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