Thursday, May 30, 2024

Infrastructure Minister Attends Transport Research Arena Event In Dublin

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Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd has outlined how developments over the last twenty years have helped reshape transport planning and transport maintenance in Northern Ireland, at the Transport Research Arena in Dublin.

The Transport Research Arena Conference takes place every two years and is the largest European transport and mobility event which brings together policymakers, researchers, academia, and industry representatives, to discuss how research, innovation and technology can work together to shape current and future transport and mobility systems.

Minister O’Dowd said: “The use of ‘big data’, advancements in technologies and the move towards green technologies and materials have helped us shape and change our public sector networks. Increased investment in active and sustainable travel has helped support modal shift.

“We face a significant challenge in decarbonising our transport systems, but we don’t face this challenge alone. Countries and regions around the world are all working to address how their transport systems will be developed to respond to the challenge of decarbonisation. We need to work together. We must learn from each other.”

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