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Irish city crowned one of Europe’s best foodie spots behind Paris & Italian gems



DUBLIN has been crowned one of the best destinations for food in Europe.

A new study put the fair city fourth on the list just behind Paris, Florence and Rome.


Dublin city and its suburbs – like Howth – have a whole host of restaurantsCredit: Alamy

Researchers analysed data from TripAdvisor, including the number of restaurants offering local cuisine, Michelin-star establishments, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in each European city.

Paris was named the best city in Europe for food, with a score of 74.69.

The French capital received the highest possible score of 10 for the number of restaurants overall, as well as a score of 10 for the number of Michelin-star restaurants.

Florence was ranked in second place, with a score of 70.39.

The Italian city received the highest possible score of 10 for multiple factors, including the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and establishments offering local cuisine.

And it was followed by Rome, due to the city scoring 9.99 for the number of restaurants in the the Italian capital.

Dublin was named in fourth with a score of 61.57.

This was due to its atmosphere and scoring 9.99 for a number of its vegan friendly restaurants.

The top five was rounded off by Bologna, with a score of 61.36. The Italian city scored 10 for the number of bars and pub as well as for the number of establishments offering online delivery.

A spokesperson from Solo Female Travelers Tours, who carried out the research, said: “Our data suggests that 63 per cent of women consider how appealing the local gastronomy is when choosing a destination.

“Foodies will be particularly interested in these 10 cities which stand out for their culinary scene.

“Most of these cities are also in the most visited countries in the world such as France, Italy or Spain, and are popular destinations in our portfolio of tours for women, where we curate rich and immersive food and wine experiences at homes, wineries and farms.”

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