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Pat Spillane shoots down Joe Brolly’s hot-take on ‘boring’ Dublin football



In a spat that winds the clocks back a few years, Pat Spillane has batted away Joe Brolly’s contention that Dublin play boring football.

The Dubs have had a dodgy start to their league campaign, losing to Monaghan and Mayo.

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Neither game was a barnstorming win for the opposition and it could be argued Dublin were actually the better team on the day against Mayo.

Pat Spillane. Pic: Eóin Noonan/Sportsfile

Writing in his Independent column recently Brolly said that the misuse of Con O’Callaghan has been tactical mismanagement.

He wrote: ‘They have gone back to the dull, formulaic, risk-free stuff that had become their hallmark since Dessie Farrell’s arrival…’

Dublin Dessie Farrell
Dublin manager Dessie Farrell. Pic: INPHO/Ryan Byrne

But Pat Spillane wasn’t having any of Brolly’s guff, as he rolled back the years to The Sunday Game in its pomp and called out his former RTE colleague.

Writing in his own column, in the Sunday World, Spillane said: ‘Dublin look like they are using the league to get competitively fit and try out different combinations, as well as look at new players who might make an impact off the bench later on.

Joe Brolly v Pat Spillane
Pic: Tom Honan

‘By the way, I don’t agree with Joe Brolly’s contention that Dublin are boring to watch. At times all counties play boring football. Dublin can and do play exciting and entertaining football as well.

‘Let’s be realistic, they’re not in the entertainment business, they are in the results business. If you want entertainment, go to the cinema or the theatre.

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