Friday, June 21, 2024

“Ready to go again” – Barry McCarthy

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MIAMI, USA – Ireland Men’s T20 international squad has enjoyed a three-day break before preparations begin again in earnest for the next match against USA on Friday.

Leinster Lightning’s Barry McCarthy, 31, who took 2-24 in what was his 55th T20I for Ireland last Sunday against Canada, was speaking from the team hotel today:

“The lads have had some time away from the game. We have a week between matches, so to get a few down days has been welcome. These tournaments are long and it’s important to switch off and refresh, to get ready to go again.”

Asked about pitch conditions from a bowling perspective, he said:

“Yeah, in New York there was some assistance in the wicket for bowlers, particularly if you hit a good length. There was also value for being consistent. I did expect the wickets to be better for batting, but that’s sport, you just have to learn to adjust”

About the heat and humidity of Florida:

“It’s certainly hot alright, so you have to stay hydrated and manage your energy efficiently. But we’ve been working hard on our fitness over the last number of months to be ready for this. We feel well prepared, so no excuses there.”

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