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Stars’ Indoor Sports Facility: A Beacon of Hope for Inclusive Sports in South Dublin



In a landmark decision, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown councillors have greenlit the redevelopment of sports and recreational facilities on an 8.7-hectare site in Shanganagh Park, near Shankill in south Dublin. The Stars, a prominent sports club, will operate a new indoor sports facility as part of this mixed-use development project.

A Beacon of Sporting Excellence

Slated to open its doors in the near future, the Stars’ state-of-the-art indoor sports complex is set to become a hub for athletic pursuits in the region. The facility will boast NHL-level ice sheets, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and pickleball courts, catering to a diverse range of sporting interests. And, it’s not just about the games – the complex will also house a health and wellness clinic, as well as food and beverage concessions.

But perhaps the most significant aspect of this development is its commitment to public use. The Stars are expanding their horizons beyond ice-related activities, aiming to foster a culture of inclusivity and accessibility in sports. This facility is a testament to that vision.

A Compromise Between Biodiversity and Sporting Needs

The approval of the redevelopment plans was not without its challenges, however. Concerns were raised about parking, lighting, and the impact on a 2.5-hectare open space used as a meadow. Yet, after careful consideration and public consultation, the council arrived at a consensus.

The reorganization of facilities for baseball and cricket, the addition of a sand-based grass pitch and a sprint track, and the floodlighting and bridge alterations for better accessibility were all meticulously planned to strike a balance between preserving the area’s natural beauty and providing top-notch sporting facilities.

A Milestone in Community Engagement

The public consultation process for this project was nothing short of remarkable. A staggering 1,107 valid submissions were received, with 726 in favor and 357 opposed. In response to the concerns raised, the council made amendments to the plan, including moving the pitch and imposing restrictions on lighting to lessen the impact on bats.

Additionally, the council agreed to conduct an archaeological investigation and preserve some sites in situ. Cathaoirleach Denis O’Callaghan (Labour) hailed the development as a ‘reasonable compromise’ between protecting biodiversity and providing sporting facilities.

The Stars’ new indoor sports facility, nestled within the redeveloped Shanganagh Park, is more than just a sporting hub. It’s a symbol of community engagement, a testament to the power of compromise, and a beacon of hope for the future of sports in the region. As we look forward to its opening, one thing is clear: the stars are indeed aligned for a brighter, more inclusive sporting future.

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