Friday, June 14, 2024
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Karnataka Milk Federation

Nandini ventures into the US market with Cricket Scotland and Cricket Ireland association for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 | SportsMint Media

The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), known for its Nandini dairy brand, has secured a sponsorship deal with Cricket Scotland, the governing body of cricket...

KMF to sponsor Scotland and Ireland cricket teams during T20 World Cup 

Karnataka Milk Federation, the dairy cooperative from the State which sells various dairy products under the brand name Nandini, will be sponsoring the two...

Karnataka’s Nandini dairy to sponsor Ireland and Scotland teams in upcoming T20 World Cup

The state-owned dairy brand in Karnataka, Nandini, is all set to present itself on a global stage during the cricket T20...

Karnataka Milk Federation to sponsor Ireland, Scotland cricket teams

BENGALURU: The Karnataka Milk Federation, the state-owned dairy cooperative federation with brand name 'Nandini', will sponsor Scotland and Ireland cricket teams in the 2024...

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