Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Leo Varadkar

‘We don’t hire assholes’ comment by CEO of Israeli tech firm Wix about Irish worker forms part of WRC case

Avishai Abrahami made comment in podcast interview about sacking of Courtney Carey after she called Israel a ‘terrorist state’ People told lies about me and...

Ireland to officially recognise state of Palestine

It is set to join two other EU countries in acknowledging the war-torn country as an official state.The Irish Government has flagged its intention...

Ministerial-led trade missions around St Patrick’s Day pay major dividends for Irish business

Ireland’s legendary soft diplomatic efforts help to strengthen the Irish economy and achieve significant political influence.That impact is magnified in March as a direct...

Ireland’s anti-immigration backlash is spiralling into country-wide unrest

Ireland’s anti-immigration backlash has spiralled into country-wide unrest. Protests, arson attacks and...

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