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Tattoos, tarot readings, roast dinners and knitting grannies on Dublin’s flea-market pub crawl



Léna Seale runs the Libertine Market which is a monthly flea-market spread across different pubs in The Liberties with over 50 stalls, live music, face-painting, silly portraits and lots of food and drink options.

Pubs taking part include Arthur’s Blues Jazz, Love Tempo, Dudley’s, and Lucky’s on both Thomas Street and Meath Street.

“There’s a lot of handcrafted bits at the stall. There’s two local ladies, Joan and Greta, one is in her 90s and the other is in her 70s, they have the same spot in each market,” Ms Seale said.

“They knit Aran sweaters and they’re the most photographed stall of the whole market, everyone loves them.

“It’s nice to see Aran Sweaters being knit, we need to preserve those traditions. I’m always eager to get locals in and get traditional crafts in.

“It’s a nice working-class community, it’s diverse. There’s people who have moved to Ireland and are embracing parts of Irish culture. There’s blending the traditional with the new elements of Ireland as well.

“There’s lots of crochet stalls, vintage fashion, upcycled clothes, prints, lots of art and crafts.

“It’s €80 for two tattoos, which is cheap for a market. The tattoo artist we bring to every market is brilliant. They’re high-quality designs.

“It’s a great day out because there’s such a variety. People come with their friends, family, dogs, there’s a real mix. There’s a colourful, bright stall with items from Peru too.

“It brings locals to the pubs that are participating, because there’s usually tourists, so there’s more of a local crowd in the clientele now,” Ms Seale added.

The market runs from 12pm until 5pm on the first Sunday of every month. The next market will take place on March 3 with the theme Celtic Fleadh, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

From 12pm to 5pm, there will be stalls, tattoos, and drinks in Love Tempo. Dudley’s will see two floors of stalls, tarot readings and food, including roast dinners.

Lucky’s will offer stalls and drinks with Coke Lane Pizza truck out the back. At Arthur’s, there will be stalls on two floors, silly portraits and face-painting downstairs with food served all day. There will be live music upstairs.

The flea-market pub crawl is self-directed and not ticketed, so customers can go at their own pace.

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