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Sir, – The headline “By 2025 Dublin will have 34 soccer pitches worth of empty offices” (Opinion & Analysis, February 12th) sent my head into a spin as I tried to visualise how big a soccer pitch worth of empty offices would look like. I recall other recent newspaper articles that informed me that a distribution centre was being built in Mullingar that is nine times the size of the Aviva stadium, an asteroid the size of Wembley Stadium will soon pass close to Earth, and that Bórd na Móna is resetting an area of peatland that is 19,000 times the size of Croke Park.

Since metric and imperial units are slowly being abandoned, can I expect to see motor dealers telling me that their latest model of electric car has a range of 30,000 football pitches? – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.

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