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The top 10 most POPULAR locations for Irish STAG DOS abroad



Planning a stag-do can be difficult as you want to choose a place that meets the budgets, tastes, and needs of your whole stag party.

From the UK to Asia and everywhere in between, let us inspire you with the top ten most popular locations for Irish stag dos abroad.

10. Philippines – an unexpected entry

The Philippines is an unexpected entry.
Credit: Flickr/ Daniel Go

While the Philippines being on our list of the most popular locations for Irish stag dos abroad, it is one destination that should not be overlooked.

From breathtaking tours and excursions to excellent bars, nightclubs and casinos, the Philippines offers the best experiences across a range of activities like playing online slots.

Whether you’re seeking a night at the casino, trying your luck on the slot machines, or embracing the beauty the country has to offer, the Philippines has it all.

9. Tenerife, Spain – escape to the sunshine

Tenerife is one of the most popular locations for Irish stag dos abroad.

Tenerife is a legendary stag destination in Spain. One of the seven Canary Islands, Irish people flock to Tenerife for the year-round sunshine and good vibes.

From boat parties and all-inclusive bar crawls to private beach cabanas and more, Tenerife is a top choice to consider when organising a stag do.

8. Las Vegas, USA – try your luck

Try your luck in Las Vegas.
Credit: Facebook/ @osheaslasvegas

Everybody knows that a stag do doesn’t go unfinished without a little bit of gambling, and Las Vegas is, of course, the ultimate destination for this.

For a group of Irish mates looking to splash the cash for their friend’s stag do, heading to Las Vegas, USA, is the ultimate destination.

7. Ibiza, Spain – stag do in style

For a wild stag do ride.
Credit: Flickr/ Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza is certainly one of the pricier stag-do destinations on our list, so if this is the choice for you, you and the boys had better have your wallets ready.

From outdoor activities like quad biking and jet skiing to partying the night away at Ibiza’s famous clubs, this would be one stag do you won’t forget.

6. Munich, Germany – the beer capital of the world

Munich is the beer capital of the world.
Credit: Flickr/ Glen Scarborough

Widely considered the beer capital of the world, it’s no surprise Munich features on our list of the top locations for Irish stag dos.

However, it’s not just its beer reputation that makes it a fun destination for a stag do. The abundance of activities, like go-karting, escape rooms, paintball and more, make it the ultimate stag getaway.

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands – food, drink, party, repeat

Amsterdam is one of the most popular locations for Irish stag dos abroad.
Credit: Flickr/ Jim Nix

From the intrigue of the Red Light District to the Heineken Brewery Tour and so much more, it comes as no surprise that Amsterdam is one of the top choices for Irish stag dos abroad.

Amsterdam is also full of cracking food halls and a vast array of bars and nightlife, so there’s never a shortage of a good time to be had with your stag group.

4. Krakow, Poland – cheap pints all around

Cheap pints all around.
Credit: Flickr/ Nick M

Krakow is one of the most popular European destinations for Irish stag dos. Despite its infamy for being so close to Auschwitz and Birkenau, across the years, the city of Krakow has become a top pick for stags visiting from Ireland and the UK.

Krakow is especially popular for Irish stag dos due to the cheap pints!

3. Newcastle, UK – when you don’t want to travel too far

For a close getaway.

For those groups of stags seeking a getaway close to home, Newcastle upon Tyne in England is a prime location.

People in Newcastle share the ‘craic’ the same way Irish people do, so the Irish have always had a kind of unspoken kinship with the Geordies over the water.

With beer bikes, paintball, go-karting, crazy golf and some of the best bars in the UK, Newcastle has it all for a stag do. The bonus is that it only takes an hour to fly from Dublin and Belfast to Newcastle!

2. Budapest, Hungary – jampacked with stag activities

Budapest is one of the most popular locations for Irish stag dos abroad.
Credit: Instagram/ @spartybudapest

No list of the top destinations for Irish stag dos would be complete without Budapest. Budapest offers visitors everything from guided bar crawls and strip clubs to beer bikes and the world-famous thermal baths and spa parties.

1. Prague, Czech Republic – the prime stag do destination

A prime Irish stag do location.

Prague is the number one most popular destination for Irish stag dos abroad. Thousands of stag do groups get together every year to take the groom-to-be to the capital of the Czech Republic.

From messy bar crawls and pedal beer bikes to white water rafting, bubble football, and so much more, Prague is a prime destination for getting the boys together to celebrate their friend getting hitched.

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