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This Startup Is Using AI to Create, Not Cut, Jobs in E-Commerce



“With our fundraising efforts, we’re inviting investors to join us on a transformative journey,” said Mike Norton, CEO of Flashost. “We are not just creating another online marketplace; we are shaping a community where each transaction goes beyond the exchange of goods to building meaningful relationships.”

Norton has published an open letter to investors, which they can read here.

Flashost is seeking to partner with forward-thinking investors who understand the value of infusing technology with the personal touch that customers yearn for in the digital age. The company’s commitment to blending sophisticated AI with genuine human interaction offers an unrivaled online shopping experience.

Investors who share Flashost’s vision for a more connected and humane e-commerce landscape are encouraged to book a meeting with the team to learn more about the investment opportunities. The innovative scheduling page, designed for ease of access and efficiency, can be found at

In addition to learning about the company’s unique market position and cutting-edge technology, interested parties will also get an exclusive look at Flashost’s web commercial, business plan, pitch deck, and demo the platform before a major public release. This engaging visual narrative encapsulates the company’s mission and the impact of joining the Flashost investor community.

“We believe that e-commerce should be more than just buying and selling. It should be about creating a bond, an experience, and a lasting relationship,” Mike Norton continued. “This fundraising round is a clarion call to all investors who are passionate about changing the e-commerce world for the better while generating thousands of jobs that most would have thought we’d lose in the rise of the AI era.”

To witness the future of e-commerce and explore investment possibilities, visit Flashost’s meeting scheduler and reserve your time slot for a pitch deck meeting. Take the first step towards becoming a part of a company that is redefining the essence of online transactions into heartfelt interactions.

About Flashost

Flashost is pioneering the integration of rapport-building concepts into the fabric of e-commerce. With the innovative Shopping Buddy feature and a commitment to the Rapport Economy, Flashost is dedicated to turning every online shopping journey into an experience filled with warmth and personal connection.

For further information, please contact:

Mike Norton
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 856 295 1017 (USA)

SOURCE Flashost

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