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Zodiac and Love: How to flirt with different signs



Astrology gives us a solid understanding of how to deal with people in all departments. It goes without saying that flirting is no exception. It’s best to know the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus signs if you want to engage in successful flirting and even Mercury has a role to play. Mercury is how we communicate and flirting has a lot to do with spoken word. Yet, did you know that most communication is non-verbal, so you can let someone know that you’re interested through micro expressions and body language. Even if your love interest’s communication skills are repressed, you can get a good hint about their level of interest by observing their physical and facial cues.

Let’s find out how these people flirt according to their zodiac signs.(HT File)


Ah, Mars’ own fiery child that loves to initiate new romance and subtlety is not their most developed trait. If you’ve made a strong impression and they’ve developed an interest in you, then its safe to say that they will make their interest known to you. They love risks and risky behaviour, so if you appear as adventurous and a tad bit reckless, you might have their heart. They like daredevils, so if you act in a way that catches their interest, they will be “hearting” your Instagram pictures before the evening is out.


Do not wear cheap clothes and certainly do not look unkempt. Venus ruled Taurus love luxury and class, so always appear effortlessly classy. Certainly, do not send “ssup???” in their DMs. Take it slow while courting them and take a deep interest in their personal lives. They want you to see them through all the designer clothes and bags. They want to be validated. Also, if you’re a good cook, it’s a huge bonus.


Conversation that is witty and wholesome, maybe even sarcastic will have them interested. If you have the right words and the right facial cues, you’ve drawn their interest. Don’t take things too seriously and let them feel independent and free. Take them to a Comedy Club on your first date and cackle with them through the night.


Like Taureans, Cancer natives love food and getting together with friends to enjoy a feast. They have formed a network of solid and dependable friends, so never badmouth their social circle. Then you will become a pariah! They like sincerity over flirting, although the right pick-up lines will have them giggle nervously. They are shy and enjoy being courted, but don’t court them too aggressively.


The best way to flirt with a Leo is to give them a compliment and make it a dramatic one. They love drama, these solar natives and are theatrical, so make them feel like your courtship is akin to their favourite romantic film and never show interest in another while you’re trying to flirt with them.


These natives are ruled by Mercury and they possess a lot of nervous and mental energy. They tend to overthink everything, so make sure to word your lines correctly. Even a little slip up will have them questioning your motives and sincerity. They may appear shy, but they are not. It just takes them time to open up, so consistency will see you winning in the flirting game with them.


Libra is the natural seventh house of the zodiac, which deals with marriage and relationships, so we can safely announce that these natives epitomize the eternal lover archetype. Remember those everlasting love songs’ albums in the 90s, they were made for these natives. They are consumed by the concept of love, so never approach them salaciously with a lurid comment and always make the first move.


Scorpios are very intense and do not care for light flirting. They prefer to wait it out for the right mate, rather than jump into something shallow. They swim in deep waters and still waters run deep, so you’ll never really know what your Scorpio is thinking and feeling, unless they totally open up to you which is a rarity. They never open up easily and fiercely protect their inner space and sanctity, so tread with circumspection. Maybe mention an episode of their favourite detective show and see how they open up? Also appear mysterious and drop a few intriguing details about your life’s journey.


Cappy’s are traditionalists, Saturn’s own children and we know what happened there! Saturn devoured his children, check out Goya’s painting if you don’t believe me. In any case, do not expect these natives to open up and allow you to their inner sanctum sanctorum, for they simply won’t. it often takes years or decades of marriage before they truly open up! The key here is to elicit a strong emotional response from them as that would mean you have touched their heart. Maybe you have some skills they respect? Tell them about it, but please be humble.


These natives are Jupiter’s chosen ones as the planet of expansion and travel rules them. They are often attracted to people who have souls filled with joie de vivre as they feed off the exuberance. It is hard to tie them down and get them to commit, but if adventure and new experiences are your thing, then just saunter up to them, flash them your best smile and ask them out for a meal. They might ghost you from time to time if more stimulating options appear before them.


Again, Saturn’s own children, but here we see the element of air bring with it a futuristic and philanthropic vision and ideology. Your physical body is not the be-all and end-all for these visionaries and thinkers, for they see beyond all that. They want you to stimulate them intellectually, maybe even emotionally! Which can be quite the task, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Explore cosmic mysteries with them, maybe watch an episode about Aliens on Youtube or future technology! This will signal your interest to them. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a healthy dose of quirkiness to your interactions.


Introverted, empathic and compassionate, Pisces natives often have one foot in the physical world and the other in the realms of the mystical. They are interested in otherworldly and surreal energies. Maybe text them at 11.11, so they think you’re a gift sent from the Universe? Also do not ask them out openly, just suggest a casual meet without any expectations and refrain from making physical advances as this can shut them off. Let them think you’re not into them and they will be back, asking for more!

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.

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