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Aldi fans rush to buy major fitness range with clothes & accessories from €3.99

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ALDI Ireland fans are rushing to buy a major new fitness range – with clothes and accessories from just €3.99.

The retailer has also released a range of equipment which will be available from December 31.


Aldi is selling a range of fitness items
Shoppers can also pick up Yoga accessories


Shoppers can also pick up Yoga accessories

Shoppers can pick up a pair of boxing gloves for just €16.99.

The set also includes boxing pads with 3.5cm dense foam padding.

Aldi Ireland are also selling two weighted bags – a 10 kg one for €19.99 and a 20 kg bag for €24.99.

The bags are “designed to help train your whole body,” Aldi bosses said.

There is also a set of dumbells on sale for €19.99.

Shoppers can choose between a 5 kg set and a 10 kg set.

The set includes two dumbells, and the 10 kg option comes with a bar.

Seperately, Aldi are selling individual dumbells for €9.99 that come in three weight varieties – 1 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg.

The set includes two dumbells of your chosen weight.

To monitor your progress, shoppers can pick up the Salter Glass Analyser Scale for €16.99.

In terms of workout clothes, Aldi is selling Adult Fitness Trainers for €14.99 along with a Pullover and Hoodie for €9.99.

There is also a range of workout trousers for women which cost €8.99.

To complete your look you can pick up a three-pack of socks for €3.99.

To transport your goods to the gym, shoppers can pick up a Sports Bag for €14.99.

For in the gym, Aldi is selling the Acupressure Mat for €9.99

It comes in green and black and is perfect for a “soothing reflexology massage”, Aldi bosses said.

There is also a range of gym balls on sale for €9.99, including weighted ones.

Shoppers can also pick up Kettle Bells, weighing either 6 kg or 8 kg.

The 6 kg Kettle Bell costs €9.99, while the heavier one costs €12.99.

Aldi is also selling an Adjustable Step for €14.99, which has three different heights to choose from.

Shoppers can also pick up accessories for the gym including a resistance band for €5.99 and a Smartphone waistband, Barbell sleeve, Medium or Large Lumber belt, Wrist support or Speed Skipping Rope for €6.99.

There is also a yoga mat on sale and yoga blocks on sale for €6.99.

To help with hydration, you can pick up the Barrel Bottle for €3.99, which can hold 2.2 litres.

The range will be available in store from December 31, but the items are set to fly off the shelves.

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