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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

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Keep your devices charged and at the ready because April will put you at communications central. The Sun, Mercury retrograde and a total solar eclipse in Aries will activate your third house of communication and ideas, boosting your social life. With your local travel sector in the spotlight, you could become quite the fixture in your neighborhood, meeting friends and holding court at your favorite cafe or corner bistro. Work may be busy with meetings and brainstorming sessions—and your naturally collaborative sign will be in the zone.

Let your curiosity lead the way! The Sun is in Aries until April 19, giving you three weeks to meet and mingle. But do so with a couple of guardrails up. From April 1 to 25, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde—and no, that’s not an April Fool’s joke—scrambling signals with technology, travel and everyday interactions. 

With Mercury in this talkative zone, you’re doubly at risk of being misunderstood, losing valuable data or having a device go on the fritz for no damn reason. Take twice (or more) the precautions to guard against losses—of important documents AND friendships!

With that in mind, buckle up: The April 8 new supermoon is a total solar eclipse in Aries, a moment when radical new beginnings are on the horizon. You could get unexpected big news or be struck by a million-dollar idea out of the blue. While you might want to wait until Mercury retrograde ends to fully pursue anything, the rest of the month is perfect for ideating, investigating and looking at how this vision could turn into something much bigger.

This is the second of spring’s two eclipses, which are rippling across your axis of communication. The first, on March 25, was a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra and your outspoken ninth house. Perhaps you had an air-clearing conversation or learned something you weren’t remotely expecting. A surprise opportunity to travel, teach or get involved in an indie business venture may have cropped up, and you could still be pondering it. The third house rules kindred spirits, so you might join forces with someone whose skills and superpowers complement your own. 

At this eclipse, a person you have great synergy with could emerge out of the blue. The stage is certainly set for that! April 8 will feature SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, the north node and healer-feeler Chiron. We’ve nicknamed this event the Chironeclipse since Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon.

A conversation or a seed of an idea could blossom into something truly meaningful. Today’s spark could turn into a blazing success over the next six months if you play your cards right. With communicator Mercury and alchemical Chiron teamed up with the new moon, you’d be wise to capture your brainstorms in writing. Think about a community you’d most like to impact or a cause close to your heart. How might you use your gift of gab or your wide social network to make a change? Or use your Aquarian creativity to share your message in a more engaging and captivating way?

With the solar eclipse in your third house of local affairs, you might find the perfect “test kitchen” right in your neighborhood. Look for resources in your backyard or pilot a community project: from a pop-up shop to a trunk show to a small event where you can teach your new methodology. 

On April 19, your nesting instincts kick in as the Sun enters Taurus, warming up your fourth house of kith and kin. In contrast to the buzzing Aries-season energy, the next four weeks encourage you to anchor into your emotions and tend to your personal life. Invite friends and family members over for a home-cooked meal and make an effort to catch up with your clan. Turn your nurturing instincts inward and prioritize self-care since you may be more emotional than usual. 

But before you get too cozy, sit tight for one last big cosmic event. On April 20, risk-taker Jupiter and changemaker Uranus—your cosmic ruler—make their ultra-rare (once every 14 years) conjunction. This dynamic duo is meeting in Taurus for the first time since 1941, so this could truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Suddenly your home and personal life could become a hotbed of unexpected activity, catalyzed by these two restless planets.

At this fast-moving Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, you could find yourself suddenly moving, hearing pregnancy news or navigating some family structure shifts. Hormone health and balancing is also a big theme, and you could receive some clarifying medical news if that’s an issue you’ve been addressing. Your mom or a female relative may figure in. Emotions you’ve stuffed down can come surging up, and with honest-to-a-fault Jupiter here, a LOT could come spewng out. 

While it’s great that you’re being so vulnerable and transparent, the wild card of Mercury retrograde could also make you come across as accusatory. Do your very best to be authentic without making the other person feel unfairly accused. 

Feeling a bit of cabin fever? Your nomadic sign has been uncharacteristically nest-bound since May 2023, thanks to Jupiter’s year-long visit to Taurus. At this “uncorking” moment, you might feel serioulsy claustrophobic, impulsively booking tickets to a retreat or to go visit your friend across the country. While we give any Aquarius travel a thumbs-up, bear in mind that Mercury is still retrograde for a few more days. If you do anything related to signing a contract or reserving vacation details, make sure to read the fine print and choose places with a full-refund cancellation policy if possible. (That extra $17 for the travel insurance policy is totally worth it now.)

On the downside, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could bring chaos to your doorstep or stir up a little too much change at once. A relative or roommate could test your limits, inspiring you to stop biting your tongue and start speaking your truth. Instead of people-pleasing and feeling like a victim until you suddenly snap, try a new strategy, Aquarius. Finding creative compromise will help you coexist in a way that satisfies everyone.

On April 23, the year’s only Scorpio full moon ignites your tenth house of career, bringing a peak professional moment. Interviews, keynotes, strategy sessions with a VIP: incoming! A goal you’ve been working toward for the past six months could come together with a flourish. Your father or an important male could figure into events near the full moon. 

Thinking of pursuing a new path? This lunar lift could point you directly to the exit sign at work—and on to your next frontier! If you’re making a big public announcement, the stage is set for an impactful reveal. Just keep those Mercury-retrograde precautions in mind and be extra-prepared. The planet of communication won’t correct course for another couple days, and it ain’t over till it’s over! Luckily, the lessons from this wild-and-crazy month will soon pay off, and you’ll feel more prepared than ever.

New energy: incoming! After spending the first quarter of 2024 in close connection, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will finally go their separate ways this month. Starting April 5, Venus will move into fiery Aries through April 29 and Mars will linger in watery Pisces until April 30.

Social Venus is in Aries and your kindred spirit sector from April 5 to 29 which could send sparks flying with a neighbor, colleague or friend of a friend. The April 8 total solar eclipse could especially bring in a new person by surprise. This Venus cycle whets your appetite for lighthearted fun, flirtation and limitless options—a perfect start to spring. 

However, Mercury is retrograde from April 1 to 25, which could cause misunderstandings, mixed-up plans and technology headaches. Online and app dating could be especially tricky for single Aquarians, and partnered Water Bearers could be irritable and prone to bickering. Temptation from the past could resurface while Mercury is retrograde, a time when ex-flames tend to surface.

If things get tense, you might pour yourself into your work a little, or take a grounding and centring time-out. Passion planet Mars is hanging out in Pisces and your second house of money until April 30. Your flirty forays could be interrupted by demanding deadlines and long hours. 

You might be torn between your own dueling desires to lock down security while also enjoying some much-needed variety and stimulation. If you catch yourself getting overly serious about the future, reel it in and go do something spontaneous. Reconnect by catching a movie, grabbing a casual bite to eat and just chatting like friends (remember that part?).

We don’t need to tell an Aquarius that there’s power in numbers. And this month, you’re especially golden when it comes to sparking synergies and collaborating with kindred spirits. With the Sun in Aries and your communicative third house until April 19, dynamic duos abound. 

Those symbiotic connections could really take flight on April 8, when a total solar eclipse in Aries brings unexpected news or opportunities to team up and merge your superpowers. But be mindful that Mercury retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25 can cause scrambled signals and delays. Scope out any possible collaborators with great care. Check references, read their LinkedIn profile and yes, Google them. Before you go incorporating an LLC after a great conversation, test your chemistry on a small trial project. 

When Taurus season begins, work is far less of a focus, since the Sun will be in your domestic fourth house. Pace yourself and catch up on your personal life, which will be plenty active. The one exception is the Scorpio full moon on April 23. As la luna beams into your tenth house of career and success, your ambitious instincts kick in. You could be offered a leadership role or recognized for your hard work and accomplishments. Take a bow!

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