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Cork village requires better infrastructure after ‘massive expansion’

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An investment must be made in the village before it experiences serious issues, according to a local elections candidate

Cloughduv village. Image: Google Maps

Cloughduv village urgently requires new infrastructure because it is set to experience “an explosion of growth” in the next five years, according to a Macroom Local Elections candidate.

Sinn Féin candidate John O’Sullivan has called on Cork County Council to act quickly before Cloughduv, located south east of Macroom, experiences “serious infrastructure issues” amid its “massive expansion”.

“Locals from the area are dismayed with the lack of a zebra crossing or any safety measures to combat the increasing traffic flow through the village. There are children crossing the road at the church to go to the shop regularly and with no traffic calming in place, it will only be time before a serious accident happens,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“It also beggars belief that a village like Cloughduv which will experience an explosion of growth in the next five years, has no playground for the children. The people of Cloughduv have to travel to Ballincollig and Macroom for their kids to use a playground. This isn’t good enough, the people of Cloughduv deserve better.”

Mr O’Sullivan also said that he fears what will happen to the local school when it sees a “huge increase” in its pupils in the very near future.

“There needs to be a plan put in place now to deal with the increase of pupils in the coming years,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

The electoral candidate called on the County Council to “wake up” and tackle the infrastructural issues which exist in Cloughduv.

“It goes without saying, like the rest of Cork, the general condition of the road infrastructure is nothing short of disastrous,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“If I get elected I will be pushing these issues in local council and higher within my party at Government level. Cloughduv cannot and will not be left behind.”

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