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Cricket Ireland release umpire and match referee panels for 2024

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DUBLIN – Cricket Ireland has today released its umpire and match referee panels for 2024. 

As part of Cricket Ireland’s budget that was approved by the Board last week, a new funding allocation was provided for the administration, training, and deployment of umpires and match referees. This funding recognizes the steps that the sport is taking to professionalize match officials’ management, development, and administration.

Phil Thompson, Match Officials Manager for Cricket Ireland, said:

“Match Officials have a long and proud history delivering a service on behalf of Irish cricket – but until this year, have essentially been providing a semi-professional service on a volunteer basis. However, there has been a four-fold increase in appointments required in the last few years – across senior internationals, inter-pros, Super Series, all-Ireland Club Cup competitions, Future Series, national youth, and pathway fixtures. 

“We all recognize the central importance of match officials within the game and the need that had arisen in Irish cricket to evolve from a volunteer administration to developing a professionalized system in response. 

“The new investment in this system includes not only recruitment, training, and monitoring, but planning for the future through talent-spotting and succession planning.”

The umpire panels released today cover the elite end, from domestic representatives to internationals, and will feature Ireland’s most talented officials.

Match Referees Panel

International Match Referees

  • Phil Thompson (NIACUS)
  • Graham McCrea (NWCUSA)

Umpire Panels


  • Aidan Seaver (LCU&SA)
  • Roly Black (NWCUSA)
  • Johnny Kennedy (NIACUS)
  • Mark Hawthorne (NIACUS)


  • Gareth Morrison (NIACUS)
  • Azam Ali Baig (LCU&SA)
  • George Brolly (NWCUSA)
  • Jareth McCready (NIACUS)


  • Warren McCully  (NIACUS)
  • Steve Wood (LCU&SA)
  • Ian Gamble (NWCUSA)
  • William Clarke (LCU&SA)
  • Vinny O’Hara (NWCUSA)


  • Brian Boyd (NIACUS)
  • Ronnie Balfour (NIACUS)
  • Ashish Sharma (LCU&SA)
  • Colin McClean (NIACUS)
  • Declan Early (MCU&SA)
  • Jamie Matthews (NIACUS)
  • Will Houston (LCU&SA)
  • Brian Alexander (NIACUS)
  • Simon Burrowes (NIACUS)
  • Srini Karpe (LCU&SA)

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