Thursday, May 30, 2024

€1,000 to join, €400 a month membership: the people paying top dollar to stay fit

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A growing number of ‘boutique’ fitness studios offer membership and training that can run to €2,000 a month. John Meagher asks if it is a price worth paying as he is put through his paces

John Meagher tries out ‘boutique’ gyms

A thought occurs to me halfway through the Rhythm Ride spin class at Perpetua Fitness: have I ever sweated as much as this? For 45 minutes, in this subterranean corner of Dublin’s Portobello, I pedal furiously, mostly off the saddle. The idea is to cycle to the rhythm of the music — hip-hop, power pop and Whitney Houston — and to experience a workout that’s more about fun than hardship.

Denise Goff, part-instructor, part DJ, puts in a passionate performance, cajoling this room of women — and two men — to give everything. At the end, with up to 500 calories burned, it’s happy faces all round. I eagerly reach for the ice-cold towel that’s handed out at the door.

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