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IRA concerned over Dublin’s ‘tent city’ as asylum seekers flee Northern Ireland amid Rwanda deportations

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The Republic of Ireland has seen an explosion of asylum seekers flee Northern Ireland to escape Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda deportation scheme.

According to the Irish Examiner there is around 1,700 asylum seekers in Ireland and a huge “tent city” has formed in Dublin outside an immigration centre.

British and Irish MPs are locked in an argument over migration which is escalating and asylum seekers are angry over a plan to move them back to Northern Ireland.

This has become a very big issue, “especially with the IRA” and Irish people want them sent from Dublin back to Northern Ireland.

The MailOnline reported that the asylum seekers fled to the Republic as they fear being deported to Rwanda.

A 24-year old refugee, Abdul told the publication it is “not fair” he was forced to travel to Dublin to avoid being sent to Rwanda after he travelled from Afghanistan.

He told the MailOnline, “There is a word – humanity. Everyone needs to be a human, we are humans. We have a problem in our country. I got here today from Northern Ireland.”

Asked why he went to Ireland, he said, “Rwanda – I think this is not good. Our country we are in the bull****- they are trying to apply their policies and rule on us.”

He added that he is in Ireland “because of UK prime minister Rishi Sunak” and that he wants a “normal life” so he can have access to “medical facilities and all these things.”

Speaking about the tents, an Irish pensioner told MailOnline, “It’s not just happening in the last couple of weeks because of Rwanda. This has been going on for a year now.

“I don’t know how many are down here now sleeping rough. I don’t think we can [legally] send them back to Northern Ireland.”

He accused the UK of “playing a very dodgy game” adding, “it’s a big big issue, especially with the IRA.”

He added the Irish people “100%” want the asylum seekers sent back to Northern Ireland.

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