Monday, May 20, 2024

Irish jobs at risk as Indeed cuts 8% of roles in bid to simplify operations

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The firm employs more than 1,400 people in Ireland, at its European base in Capital Dock, in Dublin.

The job losses will be mostly concentrated in the US, and they are more focused on R&D, the company said.

However, the reductions will touch other groups and regions, CEO Chris Hyams said in a message posted publicly.

Indeed is a significant employer in Ireland.

The business had just over 1,400 staff in Ireland at the end of last year.

This was up from 2022 even after it announced an earlier round of job cuts in spring 2023.

That round saw 225 jobs lost in Ireland.

The cuts this year are not driven by cost cutting, Mr Hyams said.

“Unlike last year, where our reduction was driven by cost savings, we are taking this action because we need to simplify our organisation to make it easier and faster for us to make decisions, and help us to more effectively grow revenue and hires,” he said.

Indeed said all employees outside of Ireland, the UK and Australia would hear by Monday evening whether they were affected by the job cuts.

Employees in Ireland, the UK and Australia will be told whether they are entering into a consultation process, a reflection of protective notice procedures that apply here and in the UK and Australia.

“I am responsible for how we got here, and the entire senior leadership team is responsible for making the difficult decisions necessary to help set us up for the future,” Mr Hyams said.

“We know these decisions will have a significant impact on people’s lives.”

The CEO said that Indeed had responded last year to a slow down in hiring globally by successfully cutting costs but had not as yet positioned itself operationally for a rebound, citing overly complex and bureaucratic structures.

“While the global economy has improved in several areas over the past year, we are not yet set up for sustainable growth.

“Despite our efforts so far, our organisation is still too complex, we still have significant duplication of effort and too many organisational layers that slow down decision making.

“We have been working to simplify every aspect of our business, but without meaningful change we can’t get where we need to go,” he said.

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