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Irish Wish News: Ayesha Curry’s Hollywood Return Was Easy, Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan’s Powerful Message

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It’s Friday. And not just any Friday, it’s the release date of ‘Irish Wish’ in which Ayesha Curry has starred along with her bestie Lindsay Lohan. Recently, Curry acknowledged how LiLo was the one who encouraged her to get back into acting. Lindsay told her, “You already have the skills that you need, so just let it happen.” To this, Curry revealed in an interview, “And I was grateful for that. It made things a lot lighter.”

The duo have been making headlines ever since their collaboration was first announced. In fact, even before that, during the Golden State Warriors vs. Atlanta Hawks game in February this year, Warriors superstar Stephen Curry gifted his game-worn jersey to Lindsay Lohan and husband Bader Shammas with a message for his and Ayesha’s godson, Luai.

This Netflix return is a splash for Ayesha Curry, who left behind North Carolina in the late 2000s to fulfill her Hollywood dreams. The city of Los Angeles didn’t just launch her acting career, but she also met her now husband Stephen Curry in LA. They tied the knot in 2011 and are now expecting their fourth child. Interestingly, while her real life has unfolded like a dream, so has her career in movies.


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Ayesha Curry and Lindsay Lohan: From Besties to Godmothers

Curry, a 34-year-old culinary superstar, last graced the screen in ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ (2021). She also appeared in shows like ‘The Bold Type,’ ‘Ballers,’ and even a ‘Hannah Montana’ stint. In her latest Netflix flick, Irish Wish she plays Heather, the best friend of the honest book editor, Maddie (played by bestie Lindsay Lohan). Heather sees right through Maddie’s prickly exterior and, well, wouldn’t mind finding her own happily ever after too.


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The credit for the birth of this A-list friendship goes to celebrity chef Michael Mina, Curry’s business partner. Mina, the ultimate wingman, suggested to Lohan’s husband Bader Shammas that the two actresses should connect. Fate (and Mina’s wingman skills) came through when Curry visited Dubai for her sister’s birthday in 2022 and met Lohan. The rest, as they say, is history.

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This newfound friendship went from 0 to 100 really quickly. Lohan made Ayesha the godmother to her son, Luai, born last summer. A recent ‘Irish Wish’ promo on Radio Andy revealed an even deeper connection – Lohan is already the godmother to all three Curry children. When host Andy Cohen playfully asked about the new baby, Curry dodged the question, although bestie Lindsay offered a witty reply referencing the new Truman Capote show, Feud.


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Looks like the best friends have some secrets here by keeping the whole godparent business under wraps. But after Lohan pushed Curry back into her long-lost passion, it’s safe to say she’s indebted to her, and naming her as baby number four’s godmother doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

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