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‘It’s everything’ – Andrew Scott thanks ‘All of Us Strangers’ co-star Paul Mescal for their ‘wonderful friendship’

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‘The Irish people I’m always behind’ – Andrew Scott at Bafta red carpet

Andrew Scott said Paul Mescal has ­continued to be a “wonderful friend” after the Irish actors starred together in a romantic fantasy film.

The pair were cast together in the Bafta-nominated All of Us Strangers, released in January, about an adult dealing with the grief of losing both his parents when he was a child.

“I adore Paul,” Scott (47) told the ­Sunday Times. “Obviously it’s been a tough time recently (Scott’s mother died last month) and he just continues to be a wonderful friend. It’s everything.

“The more I work in the industry, I realise, you make some stuff that people love and you make some stuff that people don’t like, and all really that you are left with is the relationships that you make. I love him dearly.”

The fantasy film was critically well received and a feature of awards season.

Scott was not nominated in this year’s Baftas and the film also failed to win in categories including Outstanding British Film, Best Supporting Actor for Mescal (28) and Best Supporting Actress for Claire Foy. Andrew Haigh also failed to take home the Best Director Award.

At the British Independent Film Awards (Bifa), All of Us Strangers was named Best Movie and Best Screenplay, with Haigh winning Best Director and Mescal Best Supporting Performance, although Fleabag star Scott was beaten to Best Lead Performance by Mia McKenna-Bruce in How to Have Sex.

Scott said filming parts of All of Us Strangers was painful but also cathartic because of his own experiences as a young gay man.

Speaking of how his character tells visions of his dead parents that he is gay during a return to his childhood home, Scott said of his experiences of coming out: “In a sense, it was painful to a degree, but it was cathartic because you are doing it with people that you absolutely love and trust.

“I felt that it was going to be of use to people and I was right, it has been.”

The Dubliner is currently starring in the Netflix thriller Ripley as the ­title character. He attended the Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall last night, where he was nominated for Best Actor for one-man play Vanya.

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