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Lynn McCool brings the party to WPGA Glasson Pro-Am – Irish Golfer Magazine

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One word to describe the WPGA Pro-Am at Glasson Lakehouse, unique. Only here could a thunderstorm add to the occasion.

Normally suspensions in play come as a great frustration for professionals and amateurs alike but as the clouds closed in over Lough Ree and the air began to rumble, a céilí broke out on the front porch of the hotel.

It epitomised what the pro-am is supposed to be. Fun. Of course before the serious business of the pro-only event begins on Tuesday.

“This is what the first day of the WPGA Pro-Am is about, we want to make it great fun,” said Glasson Golf Club Director of Golf, Lynn McCool.

“When I came off the course I walked up with Niall in our golf department and I wanted to have a look at the room for the evening meal and there were the musicians,” beamed McCool.

“So, I said get five chairs and we’ll go outside, everybody is out in the car park and it was brilliant we had Irish dancing and all.”

Glasson basked in glorious sunshine for most of the day and the pro-am is much more than just playing a round of golf.

Members swarmed through the gates early this morning for the PING demo day and the golf clinic presented by Alison Nicholas MBE and Suzanne Dickens.

“It was brilliant the time Alison Nicholas and Sue Dickens gave this morning to the amateurs was fantastic and it’s really important to give something back to the amateurs. It was entertaining and very informative. To get that information really adds to the occasion,” added McCool.

“Just before that we had the PING demo day which was packed out! A great morning for all the golfers.”

This is the second edition of the WPGA Glasson Lakehouse Pro-Am with McCool a driving force to get it on the schedule and it looks like it will become one of the most popular stops in the coming years.

The golf course looked in pristine condition and the surroundings were breathtaking with McCool reminiscing about playing golf in Portugal or Spain.

“When I first came to Glasson the course was absolutely stunning and it’s a beautiful track. I was very keen to get people here, obviously being on the WPGA committee we want to keep driving the game and women’s sport. We have a number of pros in Ireland and many have come over from the UK and Scotland. Look at all the amateur teams here we had so much fun.

“I’m very proud of the team they worked so hard over the worst winter we’ve ever had. Those dry days everybody likes to get on a mower and cut grass and the feedback we’ve got about the course is fantastic.”


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