Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Most executives expect AI chatbots will impact business

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Nine in 10 Irish executives anticipate a medium to high impact to their organisation’s business processes in the next three years as a direct result of generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, according to new research.

Accenture’s annual Technology Vision Report shows that 97% of Irish executives agree that the capabilities of AI are expanding, moving from assisting to acting independently.

While almost all, 99%, of executives agree that making technology “more human” will massively expand the opportunities of every industry.

The findings reveal that while Ireland is making strides alongside its global counterparts when it comes to technologies such as AI and Gen AI, Irish businesses have been slower to adopt other technologies and trends featured in the report, such as spatial computing and body sensing technologies.

“Irish businesses have been leveraging AI at scale for some time now and continue to see its value as it becomes even more ‘human'”, said Austin Boyle, Head of Technology at Accenture in Ireland.

“That said, what we are seeing amongst our clients, is that as a country we are still behind when it comes to the adoption of cloud in Ireland, which in turn is inhibiting the integration of other innovative technologies, including Gen AI,” Mr Boyle said.

Accenture’s Technology Vision Report includes surveys of 3,450 C-level executives and 20,000 consumers across 21 industries in 20 countries.

In Ireland, 100 executives and 1,000 consumers were interviewed as part of this survey.

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