Tuesday, May 21, 2024

New York Giants: Jude McAtamney ‘had a feeling’ NFL move would happen

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McAtamney played two college seasons for Rutgers University who, like the Giants, are based in New Jersey.

He is following in the footsteps of former Down GAA goalkeeper Charlie Smyth, who last month penned a deal with the New Orleans Saints.

Wexford punter Dan Whelan made his debut for the Green Bay Packers last season, becoming the first Irish-born player in the NFL for 38 years.

“Charlie reached out and said congrats so that was nice. It’s cool to have another Irish person on an NFL team,” said McAtamney.

“Also Dan. He played last year so it’s good to know that it’s possible.”

The Swatragh clubman also recalls a social media exchange he had with David Shanahan, the first Irishman to receive a full scholarship to play American College Football, in May 2020.

Shanahan reposted the message on social media on Sunday in which McAtamney had said: “Well done on your scholarship! I’m a keen kicker of the ball myself and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to approach the guys at Prokick Australia? Thanks.”

Remembering the message, McAtamney added: “It seems kind of cringey now. He sent me it the other day and I burst out laughing, thinking ‘I can’t believe I said that’. It was funny looking back and thinking how far we have both come since then.”

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