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‘Oh, God. I think I blacked out’ – Emma Stone admits she was shocked to win Best Actress in Irish-made Poor Things

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“​Oh, God. I think I blacked out. Yes, I was very shocked. I still feel like I’m spinning a little bit. So, yes, it’s a huge honour, and I’m very surprised,” she said.

Poor Things scooped four Oscars and was made by the Dublin-based Element Films, with most of the scenes for the controversial movie filmed in Hungary.

Irish co-producers Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe were nominated for Best Picture, while Irishman Robbie Ryan was nominated for Cinematography.

The American actress had earlier joked in her acceptance speech that her dress broke at its back while she was dancing to a song from the Barbie movie.

“Yes, they sewed me back in,” she chuckled when asked about the dress.

“Right when I came back, they sewed me back in, which was wonderful. I generally do think I busted it during, ‘I’m Just Ken.’

“I was so amazed by Ryan [Gosling] and what he was doing, and that number just blew my mind. And I was right there, and I just was going for it, and, you know, things happen.”

She enjoyed playing Bella Baxter, a character who was rescued from death by an experimental doctor, by placing the brain of her unborn baby into her lifeless head and then developing through the years.

“​She is a character that is so, so important to me. It – I think the chance to – to play a person starting from scratch, but in a total metaphorical, can’t-really-happen-in-real-life way, who’s gaining language and skills at a rapid pace every day and getting to, sort of, chart that course and realize that she was just full of joy and curiosity and true love, of not just the good, but the challenging in life and was fascinated by all of it, that was an amazing, an amazing lesson to take with me and to try to get to live in the shoes of every day,” she said.

“So I really miss playing her ever since we wrapped filming, which was a long time ago. It was like two and a half years ago. I miss Bella. And I’m really grateful that we got to celebrate the film tonight and over these past few months.

“And, yeah, I just, I love her.”

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