Thursday, May 30, 2024

Revealed: Irish government housing asylum seekers in 4-star hotels with a golf course and leisure centre

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Hermann Kelly said the Irish government ‘doesn’t give a damn about protecting the Irish people’, saying he believed policies for asylum seekers and refugees were discriminating against Irish nationals, especially in the housing market.

Speaking on GB News, Hermann Kelly said: “The Irish government doesn’t give a damn about protecting the Irish people, Irish sovereignty or Irish territory. The Irish government just last week sent the police force the Guarda to pretty much beat up local people who were very concerned about the security and safety of their local area.

“And we saw scenes which were unheard of in Ireland over the last number of decades post The Troubles; it was like Robocop and they really beat into local people who all they wanted to do was voice concerns and say that they didn’t want large numbers of unvetted males planted in their area because they had grave concerns about the security of their community.

“[The Irish government] demanded an open border. The problem with the Irish state is they seemingly have no functioning deportation system in Ireland at the minute.

“Last week it came out from Helen McEntee that 7300 people were supposed to be deported. Less than 100, since 2023, have been deported. So, it’s very clear there’s no functioning deportation centre, and anybody who reaches the island of Ireland can come in and they get loads of free stuff.

“I actually visited a hotel yesterday, and it was unbelievable the facilities that these people have.

“They find themselves in the City West hotel. I believe it is 1200 beds. It is actually the biggest hotel in Dublin, it’s very salubrious. I walked around it; they had a golf course which is only for residents. They have large pools, the rooms are fantastic. There is a leisure centre and a swimming pool.

“So Irish people are paying for this and yet they’re not allowed to use these facilities. Therefore, all the people who come in from around the world; Somalia, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, wherever, and they are treated like kings, they get free welfare, free medical care, free accommodation.

“At the same time, Irish people are means-tested for all this welfare.

“And I was walking around the car park and there’s a lot of Ukrainian refugees there as well. And there were very large Ukrainian SUVs in the car park.

“And let me tell you about a scheme that they have in Ireland at the minute. It’s called ARP – Accommodation Recognition Payment, where Ukrainians get 800 Euro, tax-free, to give to an Irish landlord, whereas an Irish person would have to pay 800 Euro to the same law landlord and that would be taxed.

“So if you’re an Irish landlord letting out an apartment, of course, you’re going to take that as, of course, you’re going to take the Ukrainian. We believe it’s discriminatory against Irish people.

“There’s a new scheme that seemingly the Irish government is now going to spend a lot more taxpayers money to buy up dilapidated houses to give to asylum seekers.

“So that means the Irish state will be using taxpayers money to compete in the housing market against Irish taxpayers.”


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