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Ronan Keating says Louis Walsh ‘showing his true colours’ in Celebrity Big Brother as he appears on Late Late Show

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Ronan Keating on the Late Late Show

Falling out: Louis Walsh with Ronan Keating

thumbnail: Ronan Keating on the Late Late Show
thumbnail: Falling out: Louis Walsh with Ronan Keating

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Singer Ronan Keating has said Louis Walsh is “showing his true colours” in Celebrity Big Brother as he appeared as a guest on tonight’s Late Late Show.

Keating chatted with host Patrick Kielty about the success of the Marie Keating Foundation on Daffodil Day and performed This Is Your Song.

When asked about his former Boyzone manager Louis Walsh, who was a contestant in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, Keating joked: “Is Louis on Big Brother?”

When asked how long Keating thinks Walsh should stay in the Big Brother house, Keating said: “As long as he would like too. He’s doing a great job I hear.

“I’ve never been one to air my dirty laundry in public, especially when it comes to Louis and myself, he does a very good job of that and I think he’s showing his true colours in there and I’ll leave him be,” he said.

Falling out: Louis Walsh with Ronan Keating

Keating said after his first Boyzone audition: “The next day I went to work and I was working in a shoe shop in Dublin and I thought I was God’s gift, after that first one I thought we could do no wrong.

“Little did we know in the weeks that followed after that the video would appear in more and more places, and people were laughing at us actually rather than applauding us,” he joked.

The Marie-Keating foundation is this year celebrating 25 years in business, after being set up in 1998 after Keating’s mother died of breast cancer. Since then it has raised over €20 million.

Keating said: “We wanted to educate people about cancer because we were incredibly naive ourselves as a family when mam died.

“It was the most curable form of breast cancer but mam came from a generation that was scared to go to the doctor and get her breasts checked, because of that it killed her, unfortunately.”

Last year Keating’s older brother Ciaran died after a car accident near Swinford in Co Mayo.

Speaking of his death, Keating told the show: “We are sticking together as a family as best we can. It’s been a tough one.”

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