Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Sport participation levels in Ireland reach record high

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Sport participation in Ireland has reached its highest level since records began, a study has shown today.

The Irish Sport Monitor report for 2023, published by Sport Ireland, has found that nearly two million adults participate in sport on a weekly basis.

From a low of 40% at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, regular participation rates have risen to 47%.

The difference between male and female participation levels is now less than 3%, the narrowest on record.

Overall weekly participation levels in women’s sport has increased to 46% compared to 49% for men.

The levels have increased among younger and older age groups.

The difference in participation between socio-economic groups has also reached its narrowest level since the pandemic.

Team sports, including soccer (+4%) and gaelic football (+3%), showed an increase in participation levels.

The personal exercise category was the most popular (17%), followed by swimming (8%), running (7%), and cycling ( 5%).

Sport Ireland CEO Dr Una May said: “The 2023 ISM report provides invaluable insights to Ireland’s sports participation and physical activity levels.

“I would like to acknowledge the Government, our national governing bodies, and local sports partnerships, clubs, coaches, officials, volunteers and participants for their commitment to promoting sport in all its forms.”

The report also found that social participation figures in club membership, volunteering and event attendance increased in 2023.

Club membership and volunteering figures are slightly behind the 2019 pre-pandemic highs.

Work commitments was cited as the main reason for dropping out of sports participation (27%), followed by injury (26%), and family commitments (24%).

The target for weekly adult participation levels is 60% in 2027.

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