Monday, May 20, 2024

‘Unbelievable’ tourist’s comments on Galway sparks backlash

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A tourist’s “unbelievable” comments about their trip to Galway, Ireland have caused a big fuss, with many locals jumping in to say good things about their home.

The trouble started when someone wrote on a local social media page that they felt “out of place” last time they were in Galway.

They were expecting to see old-fashioned thatched cottages but were “sad” to find modern houses instead.

They wrote: “Must say last time I went to Galway I felt out of place was expecting to see thatched cottages everywhere. Sadly not, so so modern. I think sometimes I live in the past. Like Ireland, we have to move on.”

People from Galway saw the post and were quick to stand up for their county. One person said: “Unbelievable, what planet are you on?”

Another person wrote: “Ireland is a very developed country, not a miniature model village.”

Someone else added: “Some people expect us to live in the past like we’re some sort of Disney resort just for tourists. We have real lives..”

But some pointed out that Galway does have places with thatched roofs, like: “Kinvara and Oranmore both have thatched roofs on a few buildings on main roads.”

One person remarked: “Dublin and Galway are almost big cities. Some are smaller like Kilkenny. There are still plenty of cottages to see in rural areas.”

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