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Weekly Career Horoscope: 15th to 21st April 2024

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You could be a student or a professional, a heads-up for your career path can always help. So, here is your weekly career horoscope between the 15th to 21st of April, as predicted by Tarot Card Reader Kishori Sud:


You must not engage in any kind of argument with anyone at work this week. Your readings suggest negativity looming around you. Be subtle about your achievements. Make friends with the resourceful and make sure you rise to the occasion for them too.


There is a possibility of cheating or deceit at work. If you are a student, either you are not being completely honest with yourself or others or someone is hiding the whole truth from you. The best is to confront it as that will open more doors for you too.


Simple resolutions may be unexpected but totally worth it (to your amazement). Do not underestimate anyone or any idea.


It is time to snap out of that bubble of damsel in distress attitude and take charge, especially this week. There will be instances when you may face brutal competition and unfair decision-making. Only you can help yourself.


You are in the phase of discovering a new side of you or perhaps rediscovering the lost side of you and this is indeed a beautiful phase. However, to balance the scales, you may face small challenges on the way. Take it in your stride, and let certain things go.


You have been giving your best or not? That self-doubt is likely to trickle down and reflect in your senior’s words and that is going to bite. The advice here is to work on that part and also not beat yourself up because you are a human being.


This week, Libra, your balancing skills will be very useful but in the process, you may come into someone’s bad books. You will have to choose


Scorpio, your attitude towards work is good but there is a façade that keeps even the right people away from you. Try to open up a bit this week. It will make things easier at work.


This is going to be a smooth week for you. You will sail through heaps of work without flinching or feeling tired. If you can get your hands on a garnet crystal in any form or even a pyrite, go for it, it will boost your time.


You need to spend more time with positive people. Negative people will not influence you but they will eat up your time that could have been utilised for positive work. A clear quartz crystal will help you in that arena.


You need a lot of garnet and green aventurine crystals in your life because you are on the road to success and these crystals will only boost that process and keep the negativity at bay.


You are going to be a busy bee Pisces and this week will attract some negativity too. Your attitude of moving forward will be great but meditation is recommended every morning. Keep an amethyst, moonstone and clear quartz near you every time you sit to work.

Kishori Sud is a former journalist and now a certified practising Tarot card reader and crystal healer. DM her on Instagram on EngimaTarotTribe for personal readings.

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