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Wolf Moon of 2024: How does this affect you

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Why is January’s Full Moon called Wolf Moon?

The Wolf Moon, which happens in January, is the year’s first full moon. This moon will occur on Thursday, January 25. During this time, winter gets stronger, and people tend to stay indoors. The cold nights around this full moon have been important for spiritual connections for a long time. In the past, people thought there was a connection between the bright moon and the sounds of wolves in the winter forest. The bright full moon and the howling of wolves in January led to people calling it the Wolf Moon.

Let us find out how the First Full Moon of January affects you.

How will the First Full Moon of January affect you?

The Wolf Moon might make you feel like getting close to the people you care about, snuggling up by the fire with a warm drink, chatting, or being affectionate. Alternatively, it could make you feel alone and test how well you know and love yourself.

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This full moon can bring about either cosy closeness with others or encourage you to focus on personal self-improvement, depending on your situation. Being pack animals, wolves teach us about strong family bonds and loyalty. Similar to how they gather in communal dens to stay safe during the harsh winter, the Wolf Moon encourages us to either reconnect with loved ones or deepen our relationship with ourselves through self-care practices.

The energy of the Wolf Moon

Wolves care about their families a lot. They build strong emotional connections quickly and stick together. This family-oriented and social behaviour of wolves influences the energy of the Wolf Moon.

During the Wolf Moon, it’s a good time to gather with family and spend time with loved ones, especially kids. The energy of this moon is like snuggling up by the fire—very cosy and warm. Just like a wolf pack stays close to stay warm in winter, we also naturally look for the comfort and safety of our families during this time of the year.

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