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Young Limerick fashion talents through to Junk Kouture regional finals

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Junk Kouture is a fashion competition challenging schools to design and create high-end sustainable fashion from recycled items. Finalists across Ireland will showcase their creations at two events on March 4 and March 5 at the Helix, in Dublin.

Among the finalists, Villiers School Transition Year students Ella Dann, Rebeka Rickus and Ava Shire will bring a creation called ‘Brúscar Barbie’.

The project was overseen by art teacher Jean Thornton who worked with them for over six months to complete the project.

She explained: “This year, we are delighted to represent Limerick for the eighth year in a row. In crafting this work, the students took inspiration from the UN sustainable development goal of gender equality, with particular focus on the empowerment of women and girls. The designers were also influenced by the classic 1960’s Barbie costumes.”

This will be Villiers School’s eighth year participating in the event, while for another Limerick school, Scoil Pól, it will be the first time.

Design team Laura White and Saoirse Light, and model Laura Pokorska, will represent Scoil Pól with their project ‘Scarlett Resurrection’.

Art teacher Mary Healy explained the students were inspired by the ‘anti-fast’ fashion movement and used several materials to complete the dress.

The team said describing their design: “The outfit was inspired by the over consumption of fast fashion with the maximalism at the heart of it. Our planet is dying…Hence the name Scarlett Resurrection. We want to bring light to our need to repurpose and resurrect the old where possible.

“The outfit itself is made from bubble wrap from packing, Monster energy drink cans and boxes, old clothing that we ripped up to attach some of the additional parts too, a broken umbrella, aluminium chewing gum wrappers, CDs, boots that the sole was falling off and we fixed.”

Limerick school Coláiste Nano Nagle will also attend the event with two teams.

Shauna Brosnan, Flourish Olushola, and Talia Mazipholisa form the dynamic trio known as Team ‘If Snow White was African’.

Coláiste Nano Nagle explained: “Their innovative project showcases a remarkable use of materials, ingeniously repurposing an old primary school play parachute, GAA nets, and discarded art folders. Their garment, a testament to creativity and resourcefulness, is a tribute to the iconic Disney princess Snow White, featuring her distinct colours of yellow, red, and blue. What truly sets their creation apart is the seamless integration of Western Disney princess aesthetics with traditional African stitching and motifs, exemplifying the rich tapestry of interculturalism and diversity. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, their dress embodies a profound message of global solidarity.

“By combining diverse elements from various cultural backgrounds, the team emphasises the importance of collective action in tackling pressing global issues like climate change. Their project serves as a poignant reminder of the power of collaboration and unity in confronting the challenges of our time.”

While Viktoriia Romancheriko, Natalie Quinn Sheehan, and Ameliia Karashtefan will bring the creation ‘I’m Your Venus’, inspired from Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

Coláiste Nano Nagle explained: “This costume embodies the essence of the Goddess of Love and Beauty emerging from the sea, carried by the winds onto land. It symbolises the journey of personal growth and renewal, particularly resonant with the designer’s own experiences transitioning from Ukraine to Ireland. The design symbolically mirrors the artist’s rebirth, from adapting to a new environment to integrating into a new society.

“Shell-like motifs evoke the sea, while the lower part of the dress features a mermaid’s tail and scales, symbolising birth, rebirth, and renewal across various cultures. Crafted from innovative materials like tents and floor insulation, the dress boasts intricate details, including 5,000 circles adorning the skirt and 3,000 triangles resembling fish scales. The shoulder strap accessory showcases the meticulous papier-mâché technique.”

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