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Enhancing Ireland’s iconic sports: Magnify to help Clubber TV for highlights capture in Hurling and Gaelic football

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– Magnifi works with major teams, franchises, and leagues across the globe for sports like cricket, basketball, football, and baseball


Clubber TV, a leading platform for live and on-demand sports in Ireland, will be utilising Magnifi, an AI-powered highlight generation platform, for coverage of two of the nation’s most iconic sports.

As part of this engagement, Clubber TV will use Magnifi to capture sport highlights, which will then be published to its social channels on Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. With Magnifi, Clubber TV can auto-generate clips for some of their key sports like Hurling/ Camogie and Gaelic football using sport-specific metatags.

The AI-powered solutions by Magnifi can very efficiently be used with tags like “Puckouts won/lost” or “turnover” and auto-generate clips of those actions in Hurling/Camogie and Gaelic football respectively. Highlights are created much faster than the traditional method of sifting through footage and manually identifying and cutting highlights.

This speed aligns with Clubber TV’s mandate as a platform for live and on-demand sports.

“At Clubber TV, we already deliver the best live and on-demand sports to Irish fans, whenever and wherever they desire. With this in mind, it only makes sense for us to also prioritise speed and convenience when providing highlights from those games. With Magnifi, we can now publish highlights with the same level of efficiency,” said Jimmy Doyle, the founder and CEO of Clubber TV.

While Magnifi already works with major teams, franchises, and leagues across the globe in sports like cricket, basketball, football, and baseball, its engagement with Clubber TV marks its first use case for Hurling/Camogie and Gaelic football, each of which is significant in its own right.

These sports are deeply ingrained into Irish sporting culture. Hurling is one of the world’s oldest field games and its national championship in Ireland draws substantial crowds. Gaelic football, for its part, has competitions at the local, county, and national levels, and has gained traction in many other countries around the world through the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

“As sports deeply loved by Irish fans, Hurling/Camogie and Gaelic football already enjoy widespread viewership. We look forward to enhancing highlights from these sports through Magnifi. By doing so, we can provide fans with the content they need, and Clubber TV in growing the reach and revenue of their coverage,” said Vinayak Shrivastava, the CEO of Magnifi.


About Magnifi by VideoVerse:

Magnifi with its award-winning technology has found an extremely strong product-market fit in serving enterprises across numerous industries – OTT players, broadcasters, sports clubs and leagues, marketing agencies, e-gaming platforms, schools, colleges and more. Magnifi is building the next-generation video editing ecosystem addressing a broad range of use cases in the post-production process. The company specializes in generating instant key moments and auto short-sized videos enabling content rights holders to increase their presence and viewership.

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