Thursday, May 30, 2024

Ireland’s best paid banker earned over €24m in 2022 – EBA

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A man working for an Irish based investment firm earned more than €24m in 2022, according to data released by the European Banking Authority.

The executive, who is not identified, earned €2.2m in fixed remuneration and €22m in variable pay, almost €12m of which was deferred.

The data also shows two other men working in investment firms here earned €6-7m each, the bulk of which was variable remuneration, half of which was deferred.

Another man working in the investment sector in Ireland received €5.7m in pay in 2022, with €5.2m of that coming in the form of variable earnings.

Elsewhere in the Irish investment sector, three people earned between €3m and €4m each, 10 received €2m-3m, while 20 earned €1m-2m.

The 37 people working for Irish located investment businesses that were classified as “high earners” by the EBA together earned €80m in 2022.

Meanwhile, among the Irish banks and credit institutions here, one man is recorded as having taken home €3.12m in 2022.

€1.36m of this was in the form of fixed pay, while the balance of €1.7m came from variable remuneration, much of which was deferred.

A further two men and one person described as having a different gender than male or female earned between €2m and €3m.

A total of 14 Irish based bankers, 12 of whom are male and one of which is female, are listed as having been paid between €1m and €2m in 2022.

Cumulatively, the 18 high-earner bankers working for Irish registered banks were paid more than €28m that year.

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